James Wm. Forsythe


James Forsythe is the contributing author of Fellowship in Integrative Oncology. Dr. James Wm. Forsythe received his Doctorate of Medicine from University of California San Francisco in 1964. He received his undergraduate degree from University of California at Berkeley. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Utilization Review and Quality Assurance. He is certified in Homeopathy. He is a former Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Medical School. He is a retired Full Colonel, former State Surgeon in the Nevada Army National Guard and served in Vietnam where he received a commendation medal. He is the owner and medical director of Century Wellness Clinic which incorporates integrative medical treatments for all adult cancers. He has been involved with clinical outcome based cancer studies with integrative treatment therapies. This includes clinical studies on Paw Paw, Poly-MVA, and Forsythe Immune Therapies with homeopathic remedies. These studies have all shown improved efficacy over conventional therapies. In 2001 he started to incorporate preventative medicine after years of treating cancer patients to help the aging population manage chronic disease. He prescribed Human Growth Hormone therapy for adult deficiencies. He also included BHRT into his protocol. He is the co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Natural Health”. Dr. Forsythe has been a contributing author to many of Burton Goldberg’s books on alternative medicine. Dr. Forsythe has developed a National Protocol under the sponsorship of the FDA for Age Related Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and will present this protocol at the seminar. Dr. Forsythe has written a book on his ordeal with the FDA, FBI and ICE for his “off-label” use of human growth hormone. It is in the process of being published and will be on the market in 2009. The book describes the made-up affidavits used for a search warrant of his home and medical practice, the grand jury indictment, his false arrest, bogus pre-trial allegations, a false government settlement and a federal grand jury trial where he was found “not guilty” as well as an extensive discussion of his National Protocol on human growth hormone deficiency syndrome on adults.

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