David Bleiler


Dr. David Bleiler is a Palmer graduate, a licensed doctor of chiropractic since 1979, a diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management since 1992, and a certified diagnostic physician since 1992. He completed a postdoctoral program in chiropractic neurology in 1994 and received his certification in neurological rehabilitation in 1994. In 2014 as a Professor of Northern Arizona University, he designed and wrote a neuroscience class for NAU’s PHD program for occupational therapists, as well as taught the course. Dr. Bleiler has been an invited speaker at chiropractic state conventions, and he has created and presented healthcare education seminars on a wide range of topics for health practitioners. Dr. David Bleiler’s range and depth of expertise comes from his decades of experience in managing multiple chiropractic clinics, having been chief of staff of seven clinics, seeing over 3000 patient per week, setting up clinics in health spas, working in multidisciplinary chiropractic practices, as well as authoring and teaching accredited courses in the field of health and injury management.

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