Frequently Asked Questions

All licensed health care practitioners who want to make a difference in their own lives and that of their patients.

You will become a competent practitioner with all of the necessary expertise that is in demand in today’s consumer driven health care market. Being certified in integrative medicine will position you as the expert in the field which will also create financial opportunities by expanding your available services to your patients.I’m a traditional health care provider.

That’s the beauty of our program. You don’t have to give up your current style of practice. You can easily implement Integrative Medicine into the way you currently are practicing. However, once you see the benefits of our program, how your patients respond to your integrative treatment approach, additional referrals that will be created, clinical competency and an increase in your income, you will become motivated to expand your practice to an integrative approach.

Because it is a 100% online course, you make learning convenient for your schedule. On average most practitioners dedicate 1 hour a night to learning. You can take a long as necessary in order to complete the course. You will always have access to the necessary content in order to progress through the program.

Currently, over 50% of the population are using integrative therapies. If you are not able to provide this for your patients, they will find someone who can.

We are the premier evidence based education, business, and personal improvement company that is dedicated to your success. Our purpose and mission is to create well rounded competent leaders in health care. We have assembled some of the greatest educators and have created a learning platform that is next to none.

Our courses are taught from academia, published practitioners who are primarily medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionist and osteopaths.It is overseen and quality is ensured by our Director of Education, an experienced professional in the field of online learning with a Ph.D. in Education. In addition, there is a medical advisory committee that oversees all material to assure it is evidence based and has the latest clinical application.

Just like any other structured course it means you have passed all the requirements necessary to be competent in Integrative Medicine. You will have the confidence to approach lifestyle and genetically predisposed conditions from an integrative approach with proven, safe outcomes. You will be able speak with confidence with your patients and other practitioners about options otherwise not utilized prior to taking our course.

You will have the knowledge, treatment protocols and confidence to approach most conditions from an integrative approach and create real options for your patients. It will also position you in your community as the expert. In addition, it will create tremendous financial opportunities outside of the insurance industry.

Absolutely! We have some of the very best coaches in the industry to help guide you through the process of fully implementing everything you have learned into your practice.