Integrative cancer therapies focus on alternatives and enhancements to current mainstream solutions and treatments to cancer. Knowledge of these therapies allows the practitioner and ultimately the patient to make more informed choices regarding their treatment.

The rate at which malignancies continue to increase throughout the world is both a cause for concern and a call to action. What is needed is a radical change in the way we think about, prevent and treat this disease.

Emphasis is placed on two facets of integrative cancer therapy –

• New thought processes regarding cancer therapy which focus on an integrative approach
• Emerging therapies in integrative approaches to cancer

Students will learn about biomarkers that can be checked for predisposition to cancer, studies done regarding sugar and the prevalence of cancer, chemosensitivity analysis and the role of hormones, especially estrogen, in cancer. Therapies like Iscador, laetrile, Ukrain and Coley’s vaccine are discussed and practical application of these treatments is given. A number of case studies with questions are worked through in order to show students how some of the therapies are applied in practice.


• Understand non-pharmacologic treatments for the cancer patient
• Apply dietary recommendations
• Explore various immunotherapies
• Understand how to inhibit gylcolysis
• Understand hyperthermia with regard to cancer
• Apply herbal supplementation
• Understand IV and other cancer treatment protocols, such as laetrile, vit c, ukrain, coley’s toxins, manner protocol, cesium chloride, etc.
• Explore antioxidant therapies in cancer treatments
• Analyze the possibilities of off-label use of pharmaceuticals

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