AMA 2000: Nutraceuticals and Supplementation

It has become increasingly aware that most of us are not deriving our optimal intake of nutrients from diet alone. In this module, the reasons for this will be discussed, as well as the differences in recommended daily allowances and optimal daily allowances for vitamins and minerals.

Various protocols using nutraceuticals and natural medicines (including scientifically verifiable doses) for different medical conditions will be covered in depth. The definition and types of nutraceuticals will be covered in great detail along with the definition and a short explanation of functional foods. The module presents articles discussing natural medicines. Case studies involving nutrition, lifestyle and nutraceuticals will be included as well as herb-drug interactions, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and amino acids. Finally, this module looks at glyconutrients.


• To understand and apply practical nutraceuticals and supplementation for patient education and office programs
• To understand and apply guidelines for nutritional status assessment through blood, urine, and diet analysis
• To evaluate RDA guidelines versus optimal and therapeutic levels of nutrients o Nutritional supplements properties: dose adequacy, variety of forms, manufacturing guarantees of potencies and avoiding toxic contaminants
• To utilize nutritional medicine resources and current research to evaluate special diets and nutritional supplement protocols
• Students will understand relevant terminology of genetics and nutrigenomics, and aspects of the biology of DNA, especially genetic variation and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP).
• Students will understand different types of genetic testing.
• Students will understand what is meant by nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, acquiring knowledge on specific diet-gene interactions, which play a role in processes that impact chronic disease development.
• Students will become aware of the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) of nutrigenetic testing, including privacy and the use of genetic information, informed consent and genetic counseling.

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