This Course Includes

  • On-demand Video
  • 5 Supplemental Articles
  • Bonus Material: Medical Symptom Questionnaire, Initial Evaluation Form, Menopause Rating Scale (MRS), Thyroid Screening Form
  • Full Access for 1 Year
  • Certificate of Completion


• Have a computer with internet connection.
• Videos and collateral articles are all online.



Course Objectives

      • Introduces healthcare providers to all facets of individualized, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
      • Explores the history of BIHRT, the myths and controversies surrounding hormone replacement, and the differences between Bioidentical and conventional hormone replacement therapies.
      • Explains various testing methods required for BIHRT and how they differ from “traditional” tests.
      • Examines the differences between “normal” and “optimal” levels of test results for better health and well-being.
      • Identifies patient complaints, symptoms, and conditions that can be aided by hormone therapies as well as various treatments, methods of delivery, and prescribing of hormone therapies.
      • Teaches the legal implications, protocols, and practices to safeguard your practice, if prescribing BIHRT.

      No one can argue about the importance of the balance of hormones to good health, but amid the controversy and myths regarding hormone replacement therapies, it is critical that health care providers be properly and completely trained. This course introduces providers to all facets of individualized, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and how to identify patient complaints, symptoms and conditions that can be helped through BIHRT utilizing both compounded pharmaceuticals, as well as natural methods that all health care providers can implement.

The world of medicine is experiencing an evolution in the way we think about illness, disease, health, and well-being. Patients and providers are coming together in a therapeutic partnership that addresses the whole patient through science and evidence-based Integrative and Functional Medicine. Healthcare practitioners of this “new medicine” spend substantial time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. This course introduces practitioners to Functional and Integrative Medicine, addressing both myths and misinformation, as well as standards and practices for implementing this exciting new field into your practice through the use of lecture presentations, readings, case studies and current research.

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Naina Sachdev, MD


About Our Instructor

Dr. Naina Sachdev, known as NAINAMD™ most recently, served as the Ambassador for Procter & Gamble Olay’s Regenerist skincare line, launched internationally.

She is also the Medical Director at her NainaMD Anti-Aging & Regenerative Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA and affiliate clinics with her current international client base from Beverly Hills to Dubai.

As a known speaker domestically and internationally she is highly regarded for her expertise in Anti-Aging and Regenerative which include aesthetic, functional medicine and integrative cutting edge treatments she has researched for 15 yrs.

She will be releasing her new book in 2015, which will empower women to share her passion to stay young, from the inside out and 2014 is her launch of her skincare line and functional beverages and optimum nutrigenomic products under NAINAMD™.

She most recently has been selected for an international calendar 2015-2016 along with Miss America 2015 as a role model for women’s empowerment and against domestic abuse in Saris to Suits started by CNN newsreporter Patti Tripathi.